Unique experiences - Paradiski
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Unique Experiences

exp igloo

Igloo Village


A frosty night in the Igloo Village

Stay overnight in an igloo at 2000m altitude, a truly unique experience. Paradiski offers 2 igloo villages, one in La Plagne and one in Les Arcs.

With a surface area of over 400m2, the igloo village of Les Arcs is the biggest in France. It includes an ice sculpture gallery, a bar and even a dance floor.

exp first

First Tracks


Indulgent morning

Be the first one on the mountain, see the sun rise over Paradiski and get those first tracks in… There is no better way to start your day! Join the resort ski patrollers on this exclusive outing as you start off with breakfast at the top of the slopes and get into a groove skiing as the sun starts shining on the peaks.


Sign up or get more information at any lift pass office.

exp aiguille rouge

The Aiguille Rouge piste


One of the longest slopes in Europe

Head to the top of the Aiguille Rouge (3225m) via the gondola and start skiing towards Villaroger: This mythical 7km non-stop descent has one of the most significant vertical drops in Europe (from 3 200m to 1 200m) and a stunning panoramic view!


experiences 04

Ice waterfall


Reach new heights

Try ice climbing with high mountain guides on the Champagny-en-Vanoise ice tower from mid-December until mid-March. This 24m high structure is made out of differently angled ramps to accommodate all levels of climbers. The Ice Experience is open to everyone.   




On the Olympic run

Experience something out of the ordinary and take on the 19 intense turns of the Olympic bobsleigh piste in La Plagne. There are 4 options to choose from, starting with the Bob-Raft, a self-steering and self-breaking bobsleigh. With the Speed-Luge, you’ll be alone in a well padded self-steering sleigh going down at a speed of 90 km/h. Craving adrenaline ? Go for the Bob-Racing. You’ll be sitting behind a professional pilot and reach 120 km/h. This is as close as it gets to the real thing! 

On demand, we can also offer the complete Olympic experience. Climb abord a bobsleigh steered by Bruno Mingeon, our very own World Champion and Olympic medallist.

experiences 06

Speed Riding


Defy gravity on skis!

This incredible activity combines a miniature paragliding wing, skis and pure, uncut adrenaline!  Les Arcs is an ideal place to learn speed riding, with one of the biggest French speed riding schools based in Arc 2000.


exp luge

Luge Runs


Rodeo Park, Colorado Park, La Luge Mille8

Who said sledging was just for kids? In Arc 2000, the Rodéo Park sledge run offers a 3 km long sledging run with banked turns and straights made for speed, open day and night. Mille 8 also has a sledging track in Arc 1800 with floodlights and music to add to the atmosphere.

Take on the Colorado Park (1,5 km) in La Plagne. The Colorado Canyon in Plagne Centre is what sledging is all about. Crazy laughter and butterflies guaranteed.

exp snowpark

Fun areas


Boardercross, timed runs, waterslide, snowpark, airbag, half pipe…

The different play areas are scattered around the Paradiski area: challenge your friends on the boardercross or the timed run, cross the waterslide without getting your feet wet, defy gravity in the snowpark and half pipe or try new tricks on the airbag, we’re sure you’ll find something you’ll like!


experience 9

La Plagne Funslope


The longest run of it’s kind in Europe!

A fun and exciting run with jumps, moguls and banked turns in La Plagne. Accelerate through the spirals and snow tunnels as you make your way down. 

experiences 10



An activity hub

Mille8 is dedicated to all snow sports as well as apres-ski activities. Open all day and into the evening, Mille8 features a stunning restaurant, fun snow areas, a beginners area, sledging track, and boardercross, all served by a dedicated gondola. There’s something for everyone!

experiences 11

Mille8 swimming pool


Dip your feet and enjoy the view

‘La Piscine’ is an aquatic fun centre at the heart of Mille8 consisting of an indoor swimming pool, hot tubs, grotto, a waterfall, toboggans and water play areas for children.  It also offers a wellness area with hammams, saunas, medidation and rest rooms and a gym. The cherry on top is a magnificent view of the Mont-Blanc.